Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oil Pastels and Grid Drawing

Oil pastel drawing by Julianna (age 9)

I'm so proud of Julianna! She has a natural gift for looking and seeing color and she's a terrific student, eager to learn and willing to take suggestions. The photograph she worked from was about 2"x3" in size. We gridded it out into 9 sections and she carefully drew the whole piece with attention to correct proportions. Then came the fun part of adding color with pastels. The finished 8"x11" piece is beautiful. It always amazes me how much a person grows when encouraged to push beyond the boundaries of what they think their limitations are. I wish I had taken a photo of the original picture to compare the results.

I believe gridding is a great way to learn to draw proportions. Eventually experienced art students will learn to look and draw without these aids but when you're first learning it's a terrific help.

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